Speeding time

February 19, 2014

The calendar on the wall states clearly the succession of days. Wherever one lives, the sun comes up, then goes down in an orderly, well-timed fashion. However one’s culture might name and count these days, their cyclical progression through light and dark is a daily-yearly constant.

If there has been any change, the science of geologic evolution tells us that the world’s spin is slower now than 100 million years ago when us mammals were first getting a toe-hold on this planet.

mask 2No, this is not a fossil of any ancestor I know, but rather the facial characteristics of a bogeyman; more specifically, a Bogeyman-of-Time,

You see, a bogeyman can reverse the natural order of time and, whereas, science shows us that the world’s rotation is slowing down — giving us an additional three free minutes to the day every 10,000 years — the bogeyman is speeding it up just to spite us humans.

For the truth of this, who among us does not understand that our clocks move ever faster? Who does not know that the years just keep flying by faster and faster where nobody has any time for anything.

People do attempt through meditation, yoga and slow-cooking courses to get some time back into their lives, but the bogeyman keeps undoing their valiant efforts.

More parenting requirements to raise a perfect child, more work hours to pay for a moment’s happiness briskly pushing a trolley down an aisle of stylish products made by people working faster and faster in a country where the sun is rarely ever glimpsed through polluted skies to give their ever speeding hands a sense of time of day.


Oh, well. Time for me to walk barefoot out into the garden, contemplate my navel and watch the bees happily gather their honey at a pace that hasn’t ever changed,

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Emmanuelle February 22, 2014 at 6:53 pm


Emmanuelle February 22, 2014 at 6:52 pm

Namaste and gratitude. Merci Peter. Hands on heat.

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