The Windgrove Centre

During the last six years, Windgrove has been featured in German, French, Thai, English and Australian television documentaries. As well, 20,000 visitors have come and marvelled at both the physical beauty of the landscape and the art works positioned within it. Upon leaving Windgrove, many people have expressed a keen desire to come back for a longer stay to more fully appreciate the creative and healing atmosphere found here.

Recognizing a need for a small centre dedicated to the nurturing of an individual's and the Gaian soul, Peter Adams and the Friends of Windgrove have embarked upon a building program to establish the basic infrastructure necessary to bring this desire to fruition. Nestled in a grove of windswept silver peppermint eucalypts with an understory of native currants, banksias and coastal wattle, a fully equipped kitchen/dining room has already been built. Future plans call for the design and construction of a multi-use hall, meditation gompa, sleeping accommodation and a large, weather-protected outdoor art studio. Upon completion, the Windgrove Centre will offer residential room and board from three days to two weeks for small groups of up to 12 writers, visual artists, dancers, musicians, botanists, yoga practitioners, ecologists or those just wanting a group retreat.

Celebration and ritual are a focus at Windgrove

The facilities in themselves will be conducive to group dynamics, but only in partnership with the Roaring Beach landscape will a truly collective inspiration arise. The objective at Windgrove, therefore, is to witness, preserve, re-enact and add to the diversity of stories told by this powerful landscape. In colloquiums, participants will explore humanity's relationship to the Earth and the interrelatedness of art, spirit and nature. Buoyed by discussion, meditative walks and good food, individuals will leave Windgrove with a renewed collective voice charged with improving society's awareness and concern for a healthy, diverse environment.

Celebration and ritual are definitely a focus at Windgrove, but coming to Windgrove is not about having an extended dinner party. It is not about imbibing any substance, whether food, alcohol or drugs in an unconscious or non-sacred manner. It is not about becoming numb, existing in denial nor, alternatively, "bouncing off the light" in a religious pursuit of spirit. Rather, it is a serious undertaking to do serious work about the serious state of the world; a world presently full of aging adolescents who have never been initiated into the wisdom of nature. Windgrove's role is to provide a sanctuary and healing environment for the pursuit of this resacralization.

An offer of help

As with all educational centres, Windgrove needs patrons to help with construction and other infrastructure costs. Peter Adams has mostly self-funded the projects to date including the construction of the Windgrove Memorial and the extensive tree planting and land rehabilitation on the property. Despite his best efforts, the immensity of the project is now beyond his financial means. Interested benefactors are encouraged to visit Windgrove for a guided tour to see how they can personally participate in its development.

Our environment, our people, our communities need healing. Small centres such as Windgrove play an important role in this by providing space for collective and individual wisdoms to be shared and built upon. Let us move together in the creation of this endeavour



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