How is your imagination today?

June 2, 2014

Is the below photo an abstract painting by Kandinsky? Perhaps, a late Rothko? Or, simply the exploratory work of a first year art student studying the effects of highly textured daubs of colour?


Better yet, can you see the troll like face of the “little guy” in the upper right hand side of the photo?

Remember when a burnt piece of toast went global because the face of Jesus was seen on it?

Maybe the appearance of “my” little guy has some hidden meaning? For me? For us all? Should I consult with a Jungian analyst? Or the Dalai Lama? Would it fetch $10,000 on eBay?


Best if you shut your right eye and only focus on the visually imagined little guy with a squinting left eye.

You see, the left eye is wired to your brain’s right hemisphere and this is where intuition, metaphor, paradox, humor and imagination all reside in mutual acceptance of each other.


The left hemisphere is more particular and only sees the detailed obvious: slimy mold, fungus and bacteria created when I left a pot of chicken stew in the pantry during the month of May as a scientific experiment.

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